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There is no question that the Exumas are beautiful and untouched. No rowdiness, just perfect sand, crystal water, amazing wildlife, and the occasional dock-side restaurant. It is paradise, sun, and WIND for sailing!

Come join us and witness it first hand. Take advantage of the cheap international flight and we'll sail directly to this wonderful archipelago--which starts only 30 miles from New Providence. The boats are in Palm Key Harbor, which can be reached by taxi from the airport. Here's a sample 7 day itinerary. Don't fret, shorter and longer trips are available by request. 

DAY 1: Traverse the Yellow Banks to Ship Channel Cay. If the wind is on, it's 5-6 hour ride across coral gardens. If the wind is light, we spearfish and snorkel a little. We have a few choices for evening destinations including Allens Cay (The Bahamian Galapagos), Highborne Cay (rustic paradise inn with restaurant and bonfires at night), or Shroud Cay (Marine Santuary).

Day 2: We'll pick up anchor and glide down the island chain to Warderick Wells Cay, which is a horseshoe anchorage with pristine white sandbars only a short swim from the boat. There is a nature center and hiking here with access to books and wifi. Pick one of more than 30 isolated beaches to call your own for the afternoon.

Day 3: PIGS! Giant swimming pigs have taken over Big Majors Cay and it's a sight to behold (photo below). Then we'll check out Compass Key, which is crew favorite. It's quiet marina has nurse sharks you can swim with and RUM for the afternoon sunset. 

Day 4: We'll check out the Thunderball Grotto made famous by James Bond. It's twice as cool in real life. We'll drop the tender and don the fins for a swim underwater into the famous cave where the movie was filmed. 

Day 5: We'll put on our polo shirts and make for the Yacht Club at Staniel Cay, but don't get too nice, this place is a rusty old hangout for sailors since the 1940's and you'll get the local charm along with a couple of good stories. Dinner is superb. 

Day 6: We'll turn back north and hit a couple hidden gems (we can't spill all the secrets). Along the way we'll practice dropping and retrieving the ground tackle, heaving to, and other sailing techniques that are important for knowledge and safety. We'll also test all those skills you learned during the week in ASA exams (options for those that desire). 

Day 7: Return to Palm Cay on a morning sail (depending on flight schedules). 

Great for private parties, couples, and travelers. We have regular departures from through March. Individual berths start at $2,995. Private monohull charters are available. Group discounts are also available.  

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