2017-2018 Winter-Bahamas

 2018 Summer Courses-San JUan Islands


"If you can sail here you can sail anywhere".. the old saying goes. New England lays the groundwork for not only great learning experiences but gorgeous scenery, historic towns, local foods and culture.

Basic Navigation Practice


We will cover the basics here. Sailing, navigation and boat handling, basic docking, anchoring and mooring, with knots, safety, rules of the road and competent crew skills.

ASA courses 101 and 103 coastal sailing.

Women's ONLY Available

Day or Live-Aboard

Winter: Bahamas-Exumas

Summer: PNW (San Juan Islands)

3 or 5 days



Strike out on your cruising career with our intermediate courses. We'll discover and practice techniques that will have you cruising longer distances in coastal waters. We'll learn some basic weather routing, problem solving, heavier weather sailing skills, navigation with tides and currents. We'll also learn some docking tricks, navigating in fog with the reward of finding our self in a new port each evening, sampling the local culture, food and scenery.

ASA courses 104 and 105

Women's ONLY Available


Winter: Bahamas-Exumas

Summer: PNW (San Juan Islands)

5 or 7 days

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Let's go! Let's make a landfall somewhere memorable. We'll be heading more offshore on these adventures and cover some pretty sweet distances under sail. Learn passage planning, advanced weather routing, advanced anchoring and docking skills, day and night navigation. We'll also have you out with the big boys, learn AIS and Radar techniques for collision avoidance and how to navigate day and night in less than the best weather.

The fruit is worth the effort as we'll be exploring New England's finest harbors, history and seafood.

ASA courses 106 and above

Women's ONLY Available

One-Way options



Summer: PNW (San Juan Islands and Inside Passage)

7 or 9 days

Here's what's remaining in our calendar for 2017!

Sept: Full

Oct:  See our upcoming Passage Classes:

Nov: Full

Dec: Due to high demand we have added more exumas ASA courses available starting Dec 1st!



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